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What We Do

Apex Porters, or facilities cleaners for those new to the term Porter, are the quiet, ever-present, worker bees of a business. Whether you run a fast-moving commercial business or you’re an HOA manager, Apex Porters are trained for your type of business and are an extension of your professional staff. Our professionals clean and support your business’s daily image. They ensure that customers, employees, and others who visit your business are satisfied by providing an invaluable service. Apex Porters are there to keep your facility constantly clean and in good repair. As a business owner or manager, your list of to-dos’ is ever-growing, which is where Apex Porter staff members will help. Apex can cross some or all those items off your daily or weekly list. These lists require employees, oversite, management and constant attention. Apex Porters function as a daytime (and/or night-time) janitorial service, but with extra benefits.

Services performed by an Apex Porter include:

  • Lobby and office space cleaning

  • Restroom restocking and sanitation

  • Removing trash: common areas, parking lots, dumpster enclosures, work spaces, bathrooms.

  • Cleaning communal areas (i.e., kitchens, cafeterias, patios, break rooms, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.)

  • Meeting setup/tear down

  • Emergency clean-up (less than 4 hours’ notice and on holidays)

  • Haul away (large bulk items requiring trucks).

  • Pressure washing

  • Other: Apex provides many customized services, just ask!

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The duties of an Apex Porter will vary depending on your exact needs and preferences. An Apex Porter is given a contractual list of duties to perform each day and a schedule on which to complete each task. Unlike a janitorial service that comes in after hours, Apex Porters can work during business hours (and beyond); this helps to present your facility in the best way possible. Apex Porters can help with any task that comes up during the day to help your day-to-day business operations run smoothly. Contact Apex Porter Services today to discuss the services you need.

Cleaning and porter services done right!!

Apex began locally from a need; the cleaning and Porter service industry in Las Vegas is lacking in full service options. After deciding on which services would be most beneficial to your organization, Apex can help you develop a detailed job description and work schedule. Having a detailed description and schedule of what you expect will give you direction and a clear understanding of what is expected. Working together, we can create a job description and schedule of duties that keeps everyone on track and provides you a way to evaluate the success of your chosen services. Hiring an Apex Porter allows you to pay a flat fee for customizable services, which considerably lowers you maintenance costs. Click HERE to contact us today.


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Apex offers pressure washing services to meet your needs and budget. No job is too big. We use commercial grade pressure washers and cleaning solutions that can deliver 4400PSI to the dirtiest of surfaces or less PSI for areas that just need to be refreshed and made to look new again.


Apex prides itself on trash management. From dumpster enclosures and common area trash cans to grounds keeping and business spaces, Apex provides solutions to keep these areas clean and free from unwanted trash. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Apex has many trucks and trailers in inventory to help remove unwanted large items that are left on your property that are too large or heavy to place in the dumpsters or cans. There are many options available for haul away services.

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What Our

Clients Say....

"I can't imagine what this place would look like if I had to manage everything I do now AND everything Apex Porters do in a day.... our guests would NOT have the same experience. Thank you so much!!"

  • Casino Grounds Manager

"I wouldn't trust my 7 properties with any other porter service. Apex Porters keep me from dealing with an endless amount of weekly work. I get complements all the time about how great my properties look."

  • HOA Property Manager

"For the amount of traffic that this business sees in a day, I don't have the personnel or the staff to keep up. The money I spend on Apex Porter Services is worth every dime!"

  • Travel Center Manager


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